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Mohammad Umar

Illinois Institute of Technology - Bachelors of Computer Science

DPI Research Scholar

I am a Computer Science Student and Developer based in Chicago, Graduating in May 2023 with a deep interest in Web & Mobile Application Development alongside Machine Learning and AI. I am looking forward to any opportunities in these fields to gain professional experience.

The working of computers has intrigued me since my childhood. The field of computer science has evolved greatly since then. It's fascinating to see the wonders happening around us with the help of ML/AI algorithms. Almost everything around us involves the use of computers, programming, and algorithms in some way and that's how it is making our lives easier than ever.

Besides being a CS geek, you'll find me doing photography or watching cricket in my free time.

My Skills

My Projects

CTA Model


Java console application modelling a simplified version of CTA. Allows planning trips, update and search stations.


Notes Application


A Notes Application designed in Android and Java that allows user to create, manage, save and edit notes.


Civil Advocacy


An app designed in Android and Java uses API calls to get data about government officials in a state.


Weather Application


A fully functional weather application designed in Android and Java that makes use of OpenWeather API to get data from user specified location and show detailed weather forecast with all the functionalities.


Tip Split Calculator


A simple app designed in Android and Java that allows user to split the bill across various people with functionality of adding and splitting the tips too.


News Aggregator


An app designed in Android and Java that provides news from hundreds of channels. Gets live data from NewsAPI.org's API. Allows user to filter out news by live categories.


Database Query Project

Python, Flask, PostgreSQL

A simple Web Application to query the database without using SQL statements.Front-End Interface designed in HTML and CSS. PostgreSQL DB integrated using Python and Flask.


To-Do List Application


A Web Application designed to keep track of day-to-day tasks all in one place. Includes User Registration, Login, Search, and CRUD functionality.


POE Web Application


A front-end web application designed with a team for safety alert system to monitor data of various sensors and send alerts. Created with Python and Django.

Console Applications


Numerous Console Application designed in Java with use of Object Oriented Programming. Projects vary from simple to more complex applications.


My Resume

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Bachelors of Science in Computer Sceince

August 2020 - May 2023

Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL

CGPA : 4.0

Coursework : Software Engineering, Discrete Structures, Data Structures & Algorithms, Object Oriented Programming, Introduction to AI, Computer Organization & Assembly Language, Systems Programming, Introduction to Algorithms, Mobile App Development, Database Organization, Introduction to Information Security, Operating Systems, Programming Languages & Translators, Linux & Perl Programming, Linear Algebra.

CIE Ordinary Level & CIE Advanced Level

2016 - 2020

The City School, Lahore, Pakistan

CGPA : 4.0

Coursework : Computer Science, Maths, Physics, Chemistry.


Dean's Honor List in Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Fall 2021, Spring 2022, and Fall 2022

Placed on Dean's List for maintaining a CGPA of 4.0 across all semesters.

High Achiever CIE Advanced Level

Recognition for achieving a perfect GPA of 4.0.

High Achiever CIE Ordinary Level

Recognition for achieving a perfect GPA of 4.0.

STEM+ Scholarship Recipient

Awarded STEM+ Scholarship for 4 years.

Professional Experience

Web Developer and Research Assistant

August 2022 - December 2022

Discovery Partner Institute (DPI), Chicago, IL

  • Developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to optimize the installation of EV charging infrastructure in Chicago, utilized skills in Django(MVC), JavaScript, Python, Docker, NumPy and Google Maps API.
  • Optimized existing algorithm's complexity from θ(n³) to θ(n), reducing processing time by 35% for scalability.
  • Created an interactive model with integrated Maps to display results within custom coordinates with 90% accuracy.
  • Utilized Object-Oriented concepts to implement constraints to an existing algorithm for existing chargers, lamp posts, and stations, increasing code efficiency by 25%
  • Gathered 160+ data points on latest EV technology and documented possible enhancements for existing solution
  • Modeled visualization on the data set using NumPy Models to analyze the growth of EV chargers and vehicles
  • Collaborated with an Agile Team focused on TDD, assisted in creating Unit Tests and API testing using Postman

Power over Ethernet Safety Alert and Lighting Evacuation System -- Interprofessional Project

May 2022 - December 2022

Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL

  • Worked in the software team of 5-10 people and helped in front-end and back-end tasks.
  • Developed a web application dashboard capable of processing data from 50+ sensors, enabling real-time alerts.
  • Optimized data retrieval process to reduce query time by 70%, decreasing the response time to less than 1 sec.
  • Led the backend team to link the database for the sensor data collection.

CS Teaching Assistant for CIE Advanced Level

Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

The City School, Lahore, Pakistan

  • Guided 30+ students to improve knowledge in CS via weekly revision sessions, resulting in 40% grade increase
  • Graded Exams with Professor.

President of Media Society

2018 - 2020

The City School, Lahore, Pakistan

  • Directed a team for coverage of various events and social media campaigns, increasing footfall by 30%
  • Responsible for providing media coverage for all the high school events.
  • Managed the social media for the events and led marketing campaigns.
  • Provided Graphic Designing services for logos and posters.

President of Dramatics Society

2018 - 2020

The City School, Lahore, Pakistan

  • Led 7 collaborative teams to plan & execute annual dramatics competition, resulting in attendance of 600+ guests

Volunteer at Jehad For Zero Thalassemia

2018 - 2019

JZT, Lahore, Pakistan

  • Organised awareness events for the disease of Thalassemia.
  • Led campaigns to arrange blood and financial donations for Thalassemia pateints.
  • Led seminars under mentor support.

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